Rep Aguilar assumes key leadership roles in Congress

In the 115th Congress, Rep. Pete Aguilar will serve on the powerful House Appropriations Committee.  He will also take on new leadership roles as the Whip of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and as an Assistant Whip in the House Democratic Caucus. 


Minority party status isn’t stopping two Inland Democrats from advancing politically and boosting the Inland Empire’s clout in the nation’s capital.

The nomination of Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-Redlands, to the powerful House Appropriations Committee should be confirmed soon.And Rep. Raul Ruiz, D-La Quinta, could have a vocal role in the Democrats’ Obamacare defense as a new member of the Energy and Commerce Committee.
In a telephone interview Friday, Aguilar said a Democratic steering committee approved his request to serve on appropriations.

“It will allow me to have a louder voice when it comes to standing up for Inland Empire families,” Aguilar said. “When it comes to creating good-paying jobs, protecting Social Security and Medicare and advancing issues important to the middle class, this will allow me to have a louder voice in that process.”

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