Constitution and Bylaws

The following bylaws were approved by the members on 07/20/2013:

Redlands Area Democratic Club


As adopted 2/20/93 and amended 3/20/93, 6/19/99, 7/17/04, 10/17/09, 12/18/10, and 7/20/13


 In order to foster the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, to encourage Democratic Party activity in Redlands and nearby communities, and, most of all, to elect Democrats to public office, we do now join together to establish the Redlands Area Democratic Club (RADC).

Article I – Policy

§ 1: It shall be the policy of the RADC to contribute to the growth of the Democratic Party and to develop leadership and party harmony.

§ 2: The RADC shall seek compliance with the County, State and National platforms of the Democratic Party.  The Redlands Area Democratic Club may endorse and support Democratic candidates in primary and/or non-partisan elections when such endorsements do not contradict official party endorsements.

§ 3: The RADC shall support all officially endorsed candidates of the Democratic Party. Members shall vote on the extent of donations and other resources provided to individual candidates.

§ 4: The RADC shall endorse only persons seeking election to any office who are registered Democrats.

§ 5: The RADC shall avoid endorsing more candidates than there are seats available.

§ 6: RADC shall invite all Democratic candidates for offices that affect the Redlands area to seek the club’s endorsement.  An interview, questionnaire, or other candidate screening process shall be completed prior to any endorsement action.

 § 7: Endorsement votes may be made at RADC general meetings, or at RADC candidate forums if attended by a quorum of members. Either the Executive Board or the membership may determine additional criteria and rules for endorsements of candidates.

§ 8: RADC members will be notified by mail, or e-mail, and/or the RADC web page of any impending endorsement vote.

 § 9: The RADC will hear, and give audience to all members of the Democratic Party seeking office.  Once this club and/or the Democratic Party has endorsed a candidate for a particular office (or as many candidates as can be elected to a given office), no other candidates may be allowed to promote their candidacies through this organization.

§ 10: The RADC will not normally contribute to non-political organizations. 

Article II – Membership

§ 1: All members must be registered Democrats, except for:

a)   Minors sixteen years of age or older who have stated their intention to register as a Democrat upon reaching legal voting age, and

b)   Persons in the process of naturalization who have stated their intention to register as a Democrat upon becoming a citizen.

§ 2: Members may be expelled for: a) failing to remain a registered Democrat; or b) campaigning for, or advocating that voters vote for, a candidate in a partisan race who is a member of another party and who is running against a Democratic candidate. Expulsion shall require that the individual considered for expulsion be given an opportunity to represent him/her self before the Executive Board, and then before the membership if the Executive Board recommends expulsion. Expulsion shall be by a vote of not less than 60% of those members present and voting at a meeting to be held at least seven (7) days after notice of such meeting has been mailed to the membership.

§ 3: Dues shall be set by the Executive Board, and shall be for the fiscal year of January 1 through December 31. Dues may be reduced by any two elected officers for any member for whom such dues shall constitute an economic hardship. Membership shall expire for any member whose dues are unpaid more than 90 days after the first meeting of the year.

§ 4: Voting rights will be conferred on new members twenty-eight (28) calendar days after receipt of dues accepted by the Treasurer or any RADC Officer. Only new members with voting rights, and all other dues-paid or dues-waived members whose membership has not expired or terminated by expulsion, shall be considered members in good standing and shall have the right to vote at regular meetings or electronically as provided in these Bylaws, including for election of officers.

Article III – Officers, Elections, Trustees

§ 1: Elected officers shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

§ 2: In addition to elected officers, the President may, with the approval of a majority of the members present and voting at a meeting of this organization, appoint a Parliamentarian, a Sergeant-at-Arms, and up to seven Trustees.

§ 3: Elected officers shall serve a term of two calendar years, or until a successor is elected. (Exception: Officers elected in 2011 shall take office immediately following their election and shall serve until the end of 2012.)  Appointed trustees and committee members and chairs shall serve at the will and pleasure of the President.

§ 4: The President shall appoint a nominating committee at least one month prior to the scheduled election of officers, which shall be responsible for nominating at least one candidate for each office. Additional nominations may be taken from the floor at the meeting when elections are held, or submitted electronically or by mail prior to the meeting.To be eligible for nomination a person must be a member in good standing, and must indicateeither in person at a regular club meeting, or to any member of the nominating committee, willingness to have his or hername placed in nomination.

 § 5: Beginning in 2012, the election of officers shall take place at the lastmeeting of the RADC in an even-numbered year. (In 2011, the election shall take place at the first meeting of the year or at the first meeting following the ratification of Bylaws.)  If there is more than one candidate for an office the election shall be held by secret ballot. If no candidate wins a majority of the votes cast on the first ballot, a run-off shall immediately be held between the two candidates who receive the majority of the votes.

§ 6: Officers shall take office at the beginning of the odd-numbered calendar year following the election. Trustees shall begin their service immediately after approval by the membership. Committee members and chairs shall begin their service immediately after presidential appointments are made.

§ 7: Vacancies shall be filled to complete the term of office by election at the first meeting of this organization after a vacancy occurs, with nomination and election taking place at the same meeting.

Article IV – Duties of Officers and Trustees

§ 1: Duties of the President

a)       To preside at all meetings of this organization and its Executive Board;

b)       to call regular and special meetings of RADC and its Executive Board;

c)       to act as chief spokesperson for RADC;

d)       to appoint, with approval of the membership, a Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms, and as many as seven Trustees, as necessary;

e)       to appoint standing or special committees as necessary.

§ 2: Duties of the Vice-President

a)       To preside in the absence of the President;

b)       to perform duties as assigned by the President;

c)       to serve as Acting President in the event of a vacancy in that office until such time as a special election can be held.

§ 3: Duties of the Recording Secretary

a)       To keep records of all meetings of the RADC and its Executive Board;

b)       to keep copies of all formal reports of all officers;

c)       to handle such correspondence as directed by the President; and,

d)       to provide minutes to the members by the next meeting. Minutes of the last meeting shall be available for review in hardcopy at each meeting, and may be distributed or postedelectronically.

§ 4: Duties of the Treasurer

a)       To take custody of all funds collected, raised or received by the RADC;

b)       to maintain a bank account for the deposit of such funds;

c)       to make disbursements at the direction of the membership or the Executive Committee;

d)       to report receipts and disbursements at each regular RADC club meeting; e) to ensure that no more than $150 is expended without prior approval of the membership or Executive Board;

e)       to complete and submit all reports to the FPPC and/or FEC as required by law;

f)        to maintain a roster of all members in good standing and their applications for membership. All financial records maintained by the Treasurer shall be open upon timely written request.

§ 5: Duties of the Parliamentarian

a)       To provide parliamentary advice to the President upon the President’s request.

§ 6: Duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms

a)       To assist the President in maintaining order at all meetings of the RADC.

§ 7: Duties of Trustees

As many as sevenTrustees shall be assigned special functions or shall serve as chairs of special or standing committees. Such functions or committees may include, but not be limited to: Program, Membership, Bylaws, Fundraising, Publicity, Voter Registration, Precinct Organization, Campaign Coordination, Headquarters, Telephone Tree, etc. and shall perform other duties and/or specific assignments as requested by the President.

Article V – Executive Board

§ 1: The Executive Board shall consist of all elected Officers and appointed Trustees of the RADC, and the most recent Past-President who is available to serve.

 § 2: The Executive Board shall regularly meet between meetings of the RADC membership, or as deemed necessary by the President, for the purpose of planning and directing the activities of the RADC.

§ 3: The Executive Board shall have the power to act for the RADC between meetings of the membership of the RADC, and shall have such additional powers as are listed in these Bylaws.

 § 4: Voting members of the Executive Board are President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Past-President. In addition, each duly appointed Trustee shall have one vote.

Article VI – Finance

§ 1: A Committee on Planning and Budgeting shall be established to determine estimates or projections of annual income and expenditures. Said budget must be approved by the Executive Board.

§ 2: The club books of account shall be audited at least once every two years. The auditors shall be named by the Executive Board and should be familiar with financial statements. The auditors shall reconcile bank statements and conduct tests of income and expenditures for the period to be audited. The auditors may be club members but shall not include the Treasurer. The Treasurer may be allowed to observe the audit. A copy of the audit report shall be provided to the current Executive Board and, upon written request, to any club member.

§ 3: The Executive Board shall determine the official depository or depositories and shall designate those persons who shall act as signatories on the account(s).

§ 4: If RADC is dissolved, has its charter irrevocably revoked, or otherwise ceases operations, and if there are funds or other club assets remaining after club obligations are paid, the Treasurer shall donate any and all assets to the County Democratic Central Committee.

Article VII – Meetings

§ 1: The RADC shall have a minimum of four (4) regularly scheduled meetings per year on a date agreed upon by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may determine the number of meetings held per year.


§ 2: For any meeting, a quorum is 20% of the membership.

§ 3: Proxy voting shall not be allowed at any meeting of the RADC.

§ 4: Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the conduct of the meeting.

§ 5: The President may refer issues for electronic and/or mail voting on specific issues between meetings. The Executive Board may determine criteria and rules for such voting.

Article VIII– Amendments

 § 1: Proposed amendments shall be distributed to the entire membership by mail or electronically, or placed on the RADC Web site, at least 25 days prior to being presented to the membership for a vote. Said amendments shall include all language to be deleted, added and/or changed. The Bylaws Committee shall review said amendments during those 25 days.

§ 2: These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members in good standing present and voting at a regular or special meeting of this organization.

§ 3: Amendments to these By-Laws shall take effect immediately upon approval.